40 years of Fotohof Salzburg

In this exhibition, the title “one artist - one minute” is taken literally: an artist has the entire gallery at his disposal for one minute. During this time, he or she can show at least one picture and a maximum of 20 pictures in the form of a projection on four walls in the Stadtgalerie; the respective picture title is projected on another wall.

Fotohof is organising this exhibition on the occasion of its 40th anniversary at the invitation of the Stadtgalerie in its rooms. All artists who have had an exhibition at the Fotohof in the last 40 years were invited to participate in the concept. What was wanted was a work that was as up-to-date as possible and that could also be realised in the form of a projection. 175 participants made their work available; if a visitor wants to see the entire exhibition, he or she would have to spend almost 3 hours in the gallery.

This “visual overload” is part of the exhibition’s concept and alludes to the image consumption of contemporary net culture. As a counterbalance, an alphabetically ordered and analogue printed “score” of the projection is laid out on a desk in the exhibition room, where all the works shown can be looked up. And in an adjoining room, a cosy reading corner with books by all the participating artists, also marked alphabetically, slows down the pace of the exhibition.

The exhibition at Stadtgalerie provides a great overview of contemporary photography and unites Austrian and international photographers in a large visual panopticon.

23 Nov 2021 - 19 March 2022, Stadtgalerie Lehen   → fotohof → stadtgalerie

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