Nothing Close Enough

Nothing Close Enough. Alyce Ford, Rebecca Grundmann, Matthias Hoch, Tobias Hohn & Stanton Taylor, Moritz Krauth, Florence Lam & Tim Löhde, Lukas Langguth, Arisa Purkpong, Damian Rosellen, Josephine Scheuer, Kerry Downey & Joanna Seitz, Christoph Wiedemann. Curated by Sophie Isabel Urban & Simon Wienk-Borgert. 13.-18.3.2020, Am Ende des Tages, as part of the festival düsseldorf photo +

Nothing Close Enough maps out a poly-sensory environment in a reciprocal exchange with the photographic image. The exhibition pursues the dialogue between the pictorial (de-)construction of identities, their social spaces and the time-based exploration of these frameworks. Photography will be complemented by site-specific interventions, the visitor is integrated as a part of the evolving image.

Am Ende des Tages is an artist-run exhibition project in a former fruit and vegetable store in Düsseldorf-Oberbilk. Photos: studio-wbu

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