Walking through the fields of history

The exhibition, originally planned for the opening of the new Jochen Hempel Gallery in Vienna, which was canceled due to the corona virus, can now be seen in Leipzig. 

It is a collection of paintings, photographs, sculptures, drawings – but also a collection of encounters, experiences and memories. A selection of significant artistic positions and works for the Dogenhaus/ Jochen Hempel Gallery: silkscreens from the opening exhibition with AR Penck in 1992 are on display alongside current works from 2020. 28 artists from 28 years of gallery history. 

With works by AR Penck, Ulf Puder, Frank Maibier, Klaus Killisch, Maren Roloff, Tilo Schulz, Matthias Hoch, Kaeseberg, Beat Streuli, Esko Männikkö, Albrecht Tübke, Peter Krauskopf, Stephan Balkenhol, Martin Kobe, Hartwig Ebersbach, Julius Popp, Rebecca Wilton, Imi Knoebel, Carsten Fock, Benjamin Bergmann, Jong Oh, Sven Kroner, Natalia Zaluska, Theun Govers, Harald Kirschner, Bastian Muhr, Horst Bartnig, Carlos Sagrera.

28.5. - 2.7.2020, Galerie Jochen Hempel, Leipzig, www.jochenhempel.com

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