Berlin, nos années 20

The series of round tables “Berlin in debate” is an opportunity to discuss the current situation of the German capital, in reflection on itself, on its changing identity. Through the eyes of artists, or through the prism of projects carried out by Berlin cultural institutions, these choral discussions will notably provide an opportunity to discuss the current Berlin art scene.

I’m delighted to present my work in a panel discussion with Jean-Louis Cohen, Corinne Jaquand and Niklas Maak, moderated by Romain Lacroix, as part of the Festival Berlin, nos années 20, which accompanies the exhibition Allemagne / Années 1920 / Nouvelle Objectivité / August Sander at the Centre Pompidou (on view until September 5, 2022) as a counterpoint.

Crise urbaine à Berlin ? 19 mai 2022, 19h, Forum -1, Centre Pompidou, Paris,

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