BER 2017-2020. An airport with no planes, a terminal with no passengers, a train station with no trains, a marketplace with no market. Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (code: BER) was, for a long time, a major project that never came to an end: half-finished, devoid of function, perpetually suspended. Over a period of three years Matthias Hoch studied this stasis, looking at the site rather like an archaeologist: area by area, space by space — from the railway station to the boarding gate, from landside to airside — viewing it as a potential user might see it. The result is a series of photographs and videos showing a mysterious construct — a place in a state of eerie standstill, a place with a lost vision, somewhat fallen out of the linear order of time.

The exhibition consists of sixteen photographs (80x100 and 100x123 cm) and a three-channel video and sound installation, 4k, 13’39 min (cinematography and editing:
Philipp Hoch, sound: Lena Meinhardt, Eva Dörr). → teaser

Opening days: Friday through Sunday, June 18 – 20, from 12 noon to 7 pm daily as part of the Berlin Gallery Weekend Summer Special.
Artist talk: Matthias Hoch with Florian Ebner (Centre Pompidou), June 19, 5 pm.
Book Launch: Matthias Hoch “BER” with Spector Books, September 3, 6 pm.
Exhibition: June 18 – September 4, 2021, Galerie Nordenhake Berlin, → more

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